Mindfuck Tempestarii slår til igjen.



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Long time no see, ja? Jeg antar at bror har holdt dere oppdatert, dere som har noe med saken å gjøre.

Without further ado,  her er loggen fra liveshowet bror og jeg hadde i anledning «Wahey, vi får høre igjennom det nye albumet til Placebo!» Kos dere.

-I… Am… In love.
-You know, if this had been released alone, I would’ve played it over and over again a million times.
-Just like I did with the Battle for the Sun and For What it’s Worth.
-We should perhaps state what song we’re talking about-
-Oh yes.
-Hello, guys! This is Invi and B speaking, welcome to the live show
-We’ve both put off listening to Battle for the Sun – the album – until now, just to entertain you guys instead.
-In other words, you better be damn grateful.
-We’re also going to completely ignore your input and ramble on as usual.
-We were just talking about Kitty Litter.
-Now moving on to Ashtray Heart.
-I’m loving the background random game-ish music. Like the Tetris interlude in For What It’s Worth.
-And the random… Backgrund spanish?
-The background tune is oddly soothing.
-I’m betting Stefan wrote that.
-I thought that too, I mean, it’s a lot like the bass lines from Black Market Music.
-It’s a lot like Placebo’s bass lines in general, really.
-I’m a bit too distracted to pck up lyrics right now, it annoys me
-Odd ending.
-I’m not so sure I liked those last five seconds, but the rest…. Bliss.
-Okay, moving on to the next song, which is the title track.
-…. we’ve heard this so many times by now we know it by heart, but hey, anything for you guys.
-I actually like the repetitiveness of this.
-Yeah, I don’t get why people have been all «ZOMGWTFBBQ Placebo are doing repetitive things!»
-I mean…
-… you guys, that’s sort of what they do.
-You just haven’t noticed before.
-Hahah, clever move, Invi.
-For those of you who have turned the side chat off: Fifty people just posted something along the lines of «FUUUU!»
-I, I, I, I, I have stared down the barrel of a gun, gun, gun, gun, gun….
-I’m going to start talking like that.
-Oh goodness, Invi please don’t, we know what happened the last time you decided to do something like that.
-What? That was FUN!
-Meh, the sound quality of this isn’t too good.
-I can’t wait until I get the LPs.
-You do realize that giving up FOOD was a seriously foolish move, right?
-Meh, shut up, I gained weight beforehand anyway to get through may.
-Whatever you say…
-Actually, that’s not true, I usually argue when it comes to about 90% of the things you say.
-I think it’s more like 80&.
-And thus, dear audience, you know it’s mutual.
-Okay, switching songs.
-Next is… For What It’s Worth.
-Gosh, I remember hearing this for the first time, glued to the BBC One online player.
-That was fun.
-Government funded channels, I love thee.
-Come on, walk with me…
-I made an outsider friend of mine watch the video for this
-And she said she didn’t like videos with labels trying to add depth to things
-I’m not quite sure what I think about the video for this yet, but Placebo have never really been big on music videos
-True… They’re not of the epic kind, but they’re still awesome
-Just not in a huge, glorious way
-Like… The video for Pure Morning is awesome.
-Very true.
-I think it’s a good thing that the video for For What it’s Worth isn’t as epic as the song.
-Anyway, next song iiiis..
-Devil in the Details.
-Oh, I like this, very classic Placebo.
-Perhaps a bit too classic, thus far.
-I think the album as a whole needs that.
-Lyrics-wise this is AWESOME.
-Chills, yes.
-Quick question, how many of you are listening along?
-Anyone waiting for the «real» release?
-In that case, MP3 or real CD/LP?
-For those with additional chat turned off: A couple of dozen people are listening along, about the same amount are waiting.
-How many have listened through it beforehand?
-This has a real kick to it, by the way, I like it
-It’s sidetracked, but not too much.
-I really want to read the lyrics for this, what I’ve picked up so far has been great.
-You can’t see it, of course, but Crumbles has got major goosebumps.
-Okay, next song
-Bright Lights.
-I like the new drummer.
-This is a tad bit… Killers-esque?
-Only up until the point where the vocals kicked in.
-The sound image of this is really good, but a bit haunting.
-Which doesn’t have to be a bad thing, of course.
-You know what I’d like to hear?
-(I forgot to say, only about five people have cheated on us and listened through this beforehand.)
-A song where Molko sings… all the way through. No frequent breaks, fluid singing.
-This is somewhat close, but not enough.
-Hm, yeah, I think I know what you mean
-I agree, that would be interesting, but it would be less… Molko?
-This song is REALLY cute.
-Okay, next song up is Speak in Tongues
-Major expectations for this one
-Molkos favorite and all
-Okay, forget what I said, THIS is really cute.
-In a way.
-The melodic backbeat continues, and it’s awesome.
-This is epic in a different way than what our belived reviewer was talking about.
-B, should we tell them our summer plans?
-Probably for the better….
-I do wonder how they’ll pull this off live, though.
-I’m sure they’ve found a clever way.
-Pretty moaning!
-I knew you’d like that…
-Don’t let them have their way!
-Don’t give in to yesterday!
-The problem with these songs is that they’re so complex you really need something with better sound quality than this fan preview.
-Yeah. Listening to it properly the first time will probably feel all new.
-And… Next song
-The Never-Ending why
-My heartbeat just went to fuck.
-Invi, darling, it always does.
-«Damn you all to hell»
-You have a little friend who will like this song a lot
-Wait, what?
-_I_ like this a lot.
-Both of you, of course.
-But you’re sort of past this stage.
-That’s what you get for being born into things, I guess.
-Side chat: Now spammed with a ton of «lucky bastard»s and «poor you!»s.
-B, are all of these our people?
-Anyway. The song.
-I’m going to be playing this song a ton of times.
-Next song-
-Damnit, I wanted to say that
-… is this the right album?
-It’s…. A froggish techno beat?
-Molko’s voice is, if I may say so, teh sex here.
-But seriously, the beat is scaring me
-Argh, creepy guitar
-I’m seriously creeped out right now.
-Find a friend in whom you can confide!
-Ah, grammar, how I love thee ❤
-Break? EEP.
-I’m going to have to listen to this quite a few times before my brain can grasp it, I think.
-Julien, you’re being taken for a ride!
-Hahah, this song, like the last one, does fit very nicely for a little friend of yours.
-Stop making me think <.<
-You’ll figure it out.
-Julien, you’re a slow-motion suicide!
-I like that.
-I’m thinking «Slow-motion suicide» is a major darling of Molko’s.
-Yes, and it hasn’t been killed.
-Oh, the irony.
-I’d like to hear more of that violin.
-Happy You’re Gone
-Is it just me, or does the acoustic guitar clash a bit here?
-This sounds like it’s been patched together by a handful of other Placebo songs
-Special K + English Summer Rain + Pure Morning, perhaps
-Ths album has a lot of mood swings.
-Just like us!
-It feels a bit like it used to be one long unity, which has been cut up at random points, jumbled and glued together.
-You know you’re going to have to descramble it.
-I thought we weren’t supposed to be talking about that?
-There’s that violin we were missing!
-I think there should be a combination of more violin and more Molko singing fluidly.
-Oh, gosh, YES!
-And now… Breathe Underwater
-The intro made me laugh,, literally
-This is really good.
-Breathe underwater, I’m coming up for air
-… ?
-Invi, no french punctuation!
-This is more symbol-heavy than it sounds.
-It’s the kind of song you could encounter both in a small mosh pit and in an art exhibit.
-In other words, you’ll be blasting it at Burning Man this year.
-I’m thinking…. There are a lot of things you can breathe in.
-Yes indeed
-You can even do like Molko is telling you and stop breathing!
-So, what’s your impression of the new drummer so far?
-I really liked his part in Battle for the Sun
-I think he’s doing great.
-(Moving to Come Undone)
-Somewhat fresh, but still Placebo.
-… and he just so happens to be young and hot.
-I wonder how he landed this gig.
-By landing Molko, perhaps.
-But he IS good.
-I have to admit, the title of this made me think nasty things.
-I like the guitar in this.
-Yes, me too.
-Crumbles doesn’t, though, apparently.
-(Side chat now yells «FUUU» at Crumbles)
-Who are all these people?
-Nevermind them.
-… whatever you say
-(20% of the time)
-Oh, clever you.
-This is another one of the songs I feel I really need to hear in better quality.
-If you people are up to it, we’ll do a second runthrough, with lyric sheets, once we get the actual album?
-Sorry, just had to beat you to it.
-Stupid you.
-This made me throw a Placebo-infused giggle.
-More clapping.
-There are many instances of random clapping, violin and synthesisterish sound on this album.
-I think it adds fluidity to it all
-Which is important, seeing that there is a thematic unity here
-…. which exceeds clappng and violins.
-I really feel as if I can relate to this song.
-Me too.
-… I think we both know why.
-Chat: None of your business.
-Unless you already are too well-informed.
-Gasp! The radical radical honesty shut off!
-… it cut me off early
-«Don’t leave me here» *Snap*
-… let’s listen to the last track again.
-By the way, have they changed the beginning of Battle for the Sun?
-I think it sounded somewhat odd
-Hm, I think you might be right, it could have been a tad more direct now
-We’ll have to look into that.
-This has more of that spanish-ish flavour.
-okay, let’s compare intros.
-I’d say the drum part in the beginning is a big lower.
-Yeah, I think that’s it.
-Anyway… I guess that’s it!
-Seems like people want another runthroug, so I guess we’ll see you all next week.



Sånn bekjemper man fildeling, dere:

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Man legger ut musikken på nett selv.

Ja, hele albumet ligger ute, i høy kvalitet. Lovlig. Fordi de er kule.

– Bror.


The Soul of Man under Socialism

«With the abolition of private property, then, we shall have true, beautiful, healthy Individualism. Nobody will waste his life in accumulating things, and the symbols for things. One will live. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.» – Oscar Wilde


There’s no party like the communist party

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Ah, fantastisk. Bedre lydkvalitet live, men for dere som er teite nok til å ikke være med og feire toårsdagen til Rødt, her er en filmet versjon.


The Game

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En rask anbefaling.


Hva gjør man for å glemme en svenske?

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Man tyr til danskene.


Bli kjent med bror!

Bror roter rundt i tingene mine. Jeg roter rundt i tingene til bror. Før var jamringen min om at han burde pelle seg ut av harddisken min litt mer seriøs, men med årene har det blitt mer og mer normalt at hele kontaktlista mi plutselig har migrert over dammen. Mye av det er at jeg ikke bare har lært meg å sette mer og mer pris på fordelene som mangel på privatliv ovenfor min private bodyguard og entertainer kommer med, men at det gir meg muligheten til å «ta hevn».

Kort sagt klarte jeg nettopp å sno meg inn i youtube-accounten til bror.

Jeg har en teori om at hva man legger til som favoritter her og der på sider som youtube og deviantart og blogger og alt det der er representativt for hvem man er som person. Dermed presenterer jeg herved ti tilfeldige videoer fra favorittene til bror, med kommentarer fra min side om hva jeg tror det betyr.

  1. Zeromancer. Vi liker Zeromancer. Makan til undervurderte nordmenn finner man ikke. Av en eller annen grunn er de aldri i norsk presse, men de er et av de norske bandene jeg hører mest om i utlandet. En annen undervurdert nordmann jeg hører lite om i norsk presse men en del om i utlandet er bror. 1-0 til min teori, altså.

  2. David Foster Wallace beviste ordtaket «Det er ikke morsomt med mindre det er litt sant, er det litt sant er det ofte morsomt.» Han døde i fjor høst, selvmord. Jeg anbefaler å lese alt han noen sinne har skrevet. Du kommer til å le, men du vet du ikke burde. Bror liker satire og mennesker som har god observasjonsevne, og det at sånne ofte dør før de burde. «There are NO fat baton twirlers.» Teori: 2-0.

  3. Bror er et ondt menneske. 3-0.

  4. Et universitets versjon av the Time Warp. Tja, bror er rocky-fan og synger like mye på time warp som meg, så jeg tror teorien min gjelder her. (Dessuten ser han skammelig bra ut i klærne til dr. Frank N. Furter. Noen som vil ha bilder?) Forresten, det var veldig lite pukkelrygg på den Riff Raff-en. Wow. 4-0.

  5. En fancy, bil-lignende greie som går med bein? Som en edderkopp? Eh, vel… Hva skal man lese ut av dette? Kan det være at den er helt usaklig? Nei, vent, det er en Burning Man-konstruksjon. Bror er en Burning Man-type, tror han har vært der hvert år siden han var 15. 5-0.

  6. Boy George, mystisk. Genocide Peroxide er en slags intern spøk i PACNHC.
    «Give me fat girls, give me rough boys
    Give me what I dream»
    Men, det gir ingen mening med mindre du er en ‘insider’. 5-1.

  7. Bright Eyes – No One Would Riot for Less. Vi er ikke store Conor Oberst fan, selv om vi var mer positive før. Greia her er at bror og jeg er enige om at tittelen er genial. Dessuten er den delen her fin:
    «From the madness of the governments
    To the vengeance of the sea
    Everything is eclipsed
    By the shape of destiny»
    Det krever litt research å finne ut hvorfor den er relevant, og det er misvisende å si at bror LIKER Bright Eyes, så hver side får et halvt poeng. Min teori – Dumme ting som snakker imot den, 5.5-1.5

  8. Neil O’Connor! 16 Down er en The Flys-sang. Fine bandet, fine sangen, fine mannen. Definitift minst ett poeng på min side, men beklagelig vis er det ikke mange som har hørt om bandet, så sånn sett blir det vanskelig å skjønne noe særlig. La oss kalle det 6.5-2. For de med en viss Flys-kunnskap: Bror sendte meg ‘love and a molotov cocktail’ en gang. I posten. Egentlig bare en anatomisk korrekt modell av et hjerte i plast og en liten flaske med ett eller annet i som jeg aldri har hatt mot eller vilje til å åpne.

  9. The Ark – It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane. Søte svenske ting og galskap, bror liker begge deler, og det gjør jeg også. 7-2.

  10. Bush-administrasjonen i form av franske dukker synger en lettere redigert versjon av ‘We Are the World’, nå kjent som ‘We Fuck The World’. 8-2.

Da håper jeg at de som har spurt hvem bror er har blitt litt klokere, det har ihvertfall jeg blitt (men grunnen til det står ikke her.)


Stjel denne boka. Nå.

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Den ber om det!


Dagens dose George Carlin

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Fine mannen.


Nok en gang

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… er jeg dødelig forelska i The Weeping Song.

Nick Cave ❤


Arguing with Ghosts

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There are two kinds of people. Those who argue with ghosts, and those who sleep with them.

Om dere har litt ekstra tid anbefaler jeg på det sterkeste å se på resten av videoene fra mannen bak denne.


Jeg ser på Earthlings

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Her er første del, de andre finnes i spillelista.

Takk for tipset, Karina!


16. Desember – Dagens syv minutter… Eller elleve timer

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Hjemmelaget placeholder - minn meg på å lage noe bedre.

Gah, tidsklemma...

Jeg har dårlig tid. Det er siste uka med skole før ferien, og jeg har dårlig tid.

Egentlig har jeg masse å skrive om, men jeg har ikke tid.

Les syv av disse, og se om du klarer å stoppe der.


11. Desember – Glem nyttårsforsettene, lev et helt ekstra liv i stedet!

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Hjemmelaget placeholder - minn meg på å lage noe bedre.

Hjemmelaget placeholder - Jeg begynner egentlig å bli litt glad i den

Du trodde kanskje at det daglige distraheringsinnlegget var et forsøk på å hjelpe hyggelige mennesker igjennom desember uten nevneverdige skader? Jo da, men personen som skal hjelpes og distraheres mest er meg.

Noen ganger er det greit å rømme litt unna. Hvorfor ikke dra tilbake til åttitallet og leve et nytt liv?

Ikke bare er det gøy, det er også stappfullt av sånne søte, nostalgiske ting som jeg burde være for gammel til å huske. Blant annet har den noen fantastiske valg om du bestemmer deg for å kjøpe en PC, det billigste alternativet er kassettbasert, og det dyreste har hele 10 megabyte harddiskplass… (Og ja, du kan teknisk sett spille det på syv minutter, om du tar selvmord allerede som spedbarn.)


9. Desember – Hallo, universet!

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Hjemmelaget placeholder - minn meg på å lage noe bedre.

Hjemmelaget placeholder - minn meg på å lage noe bedre.

Hvert år, rundt vintersolverv og juletider, går jeg lenge uten å se lys. Sover man til middag så blir det gjerne sånn. Bror refererer til det som dvaleperioden min. På en måte har jeg hatt en minidvaleperiode nå den siste tiden, for selv om jeg har sett lys, har jeg ikke sett sola. Nei, jeg kan ikke huske sist gang. Sola har ikke stått opp før jeg er trygt inne mellom skolens mange vegger, og når jeg drar igjen er den dekket til av skyer og går ned før jeg er hjemme. Derfor var det en stor overraskelse å kunne se måne og stjerner da jeg gikk til bussholdeplassen i dag morges. Jeg anbefaler alle å ta en titt på stjernen neste gang de får tid, her er litt hjelp for å forstå hva det er man ser på:

En stor, grønn dame, altså. (Meaning of Life er forresten min yndlings-Pythonfilm.)

Siden dette innlegget var langt ifra sju minutter langt, og universets størrelse kan være både deprimerende og befriende, her er en liten oppmuntring:

Har noen lest The Meaning of Liff av Douglas Adams og John Lloyd, forresten? Hvis ikke, så er det på tide. Du finner den her. Snåle stedsnavn gjort om til ord som beskriver situasjoner, ting og følelser vi ikke har noen gode ord for.

Always look on the bright side of death!

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