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IRC – Home, sweet home

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Her er et utdrag fra en typisk IRC-samtale på serveren: (Navn er trukket sammen, med unntak av Z og Invi)

<Z> Oi, you?
<M> Who, me?
<B> Who, me?
<R> Who, B?
<Z> M.
<M> What?
<Z> You blocked Invi’s IP for the weekend, didn’t you?
— User Invi has logged on —
<Invi> GAAAH.
<Z> Apparently not.
<M> Yes, I did!
<Z> No, you didn’t!
<M> Yes, I did!
<Z> Um, no, you DIDN’T!
<Invi> He did.
<Z> Stop it, you’re ruining our fun. My five minutes or arguing weren’t up yet!
<M> That wasn’t an argument, it was simply a contradiction!
<Invi> Stuff it, Palin.
<B> I can see Russia from my house!
<Z> Wrong Palin.
<B> Oh, come on, they’re both hilarious.
<D> Imagine the same skit, only with Sarah Palin in it…
<B> And Tina Fey as Cleese!
<Invi> You guys, you’re forgetting something.
<Z> What?
<Invi> …
— User Invi has been kicked. Reason: GO STUDY —
— User Invi has logged on —
<Invi> That’s NOT what I was talking about.
<B> OH
<Z> Good to see you, little buddy!
<D> Aloha! (As in GOODBYE. GO STUDY.)
<M> Hey, babe!
<R> *tackleglomps* SQUEEE!
<M> Ladies and Invi, I present to you… ReaVan, the twenty year old human lolcat.
<R> Says the guy who spent all of last night virtually inside my clothes, hiding from a doll in a movie.
<Invi> Hey, be nice to him, Chucky is insanely creepy!
<R> we weren’t watching any of those films, we were watching some french movie with a little girl and her doll.
<Invi> I’d say that’s still pretty damn scary.
<M> Exactly!
<Invi> Besides, I like being tackleglomped.
<Invi> And squees. I like them.
<B> Oh, guess what I found today!
<Invi> Your dignity?
<Invi> Money?
<Invi> The box full of roaches you LOST last year?
<Z> Your penis?
<B> Z, you live here, you KNOw the answer.
<M> And you shouldn’t be the one joking about missing genetalia…
<Z> Hey, I know exactly where my balls are!
<Invi> ENOUGH. I’ve already told you I don’t want to know where!
<Z> A wise choice.
<M> How do you manage it, Invi? I mean, take this as a compliment, but you’re one of the most insanely curious people I know…
<Invi> I’ve heard stuff I don’t want to know, actually.
<Invi> And I have reason to believe this is one of those rare cases.
<D> Hey, nobody’s ever told ME the answer to that!
<Z> Um…
<R> Invi, seeing that you’re not here to see it – Z is being choked right now.
<Invi> Wait, you sent Z off to be spayed when I was 14, three years ago…
<B> That’s why D doesn’t know, yeah.
<Invi> Brother, darling, what have you done to my blog?
<B> Nothing, yet.
<M> I haven’t done anything at all!
<Z> zshsshbsbh
<R> That was Z trying to type with a clenched fist.
<R> I haven’t done anything either.
<Invi> I was talking to B.
<R> But I’m family too!
<Invi> Yes, but you have, you know, a name I can use, instead of some insane fear of it.
<B> Hear, hear!
<R> I want to be referred to as family more often too!
<Invi> *sigh*
<Invi> But that’d get confusing, and really, I do that! You just don’t take notice or hear it.
<Invi> By the way, ax^2-bx will always cross the Y axis at 0, right?
<M> Yes. ax^2-bx could just as well be written ax^2-bx+/-0.The other crossing will be at b.
<Invi> And exponential equations will always cross at 1?
<M> Only if the exponent is one factor.
<Invi> Thanks!
<B> I think it’s really sad that we all know exactly what that means.
<Invi> What about ax^2-c? That’s always got an extremal at 0?
<M> Yes, and the other is at the root of c.
<Invi> I think it’s remarkable any of you got anything at all out of maths class.
<Z> I think we all did it out of spite, really. A sort of «Hate us all we want, we’ll rule at this anyway» sort of thing.
<B> And a «Let’s make Invi help us get a new one» sort of thing.
<D> I’m so glad we merged.
<B> You’re just afraid, that’s all!
<Invi> Why were you all on here before I even arrived? I mean, aren’t you all like… In the same room?
<B> R is now in the kitchen, but the rest of us… Yes.
<Invi> So why weren’t you talking? You know, out loud?
<B> Z and M are yelling at people over Skype.
<Invi> And I thought MY multitasking skills were good…
<B> They are. Both of them are completely failing at everything they do.
<B> No offense, of course.
<B> I love you all, and you know it.
<D> What do Sweeney Todd, Invi and Joshua Third have in common?
<Invi> GIVE IT UP! I’ll cut my hair soon, I swear.
<Invi> Besides, my hair isn’t black and white anymore, it’s more like a sort of.. Burgundy and cream. Only, you know, stomped on with muddy boots and then

partially burnt.
<B> It’s primary coloUrs.
<M> Cute british guys…
<B> Cute, brutish guys…
<Invi> Eyes on the prize, guys, BATTLE FOR THE SUN!
<R> This will be a good year in music.
<B> I know. Depeche Mode and Conor Oberst in the next couple of weeks, what do you think?
<M> Knowing us all correctly, we’ll all be squeeing all over «For What It’s Worth» all week, not being able to appreciate anything else.
<Invi> I’m looking forwards to the Cat Stevens album. Oh, and Meat Puppets might be interesting.
<B> What about that Green Day album? Should we have a get-together first time listening and mock it to pieces?
<Z> YES!
<Z> Also, you haven’t mentioned IGGY POP and TORI effin’ AMOS. All before Invi gets as much as a hint of summer!
<B> And Rancid, 311, Elvis Costello…
<Invi> The new Third Eye Blind will be out just after my summer vacation starts.
<Invi> Also, you guys, you haven’t mentioned JOURNAL FOR PLAGUE LOVERS, assholes. The day after Primary Colours, too. I’m so excited my leg is twitching.
<Z> Are you sure that’s not because someone’s rubbing your tummy?

Og sånn fortsetter man.


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